A Big Green Mistake?

That my new neighbors are both Green would take you just a few seconds to figure out. That’s how long it took me – starting with the fact that they managed to not meet me for the first two months.

A few months later, after they appeared to be all settled in to their new house, they made a big mistake. They bought one of the worlds’ cutest and friendliest puppy. He wags his short tail so hard he almost loses his balance when he meets any (every) person! That wasn’t the mistake. The mistake was not thinking through that now every person, with every walk, twice a day wanted to pet the dog and ask about him!

This Green couple has no use for small talk, and avoid it at all costs. They aren’t interested in even meeting their neighbors, or exchanging anything but a “hello.” That ended on day one of walking their new dog. Now, at least twice on each block, total strangers wanted to “meet” the dog and to chitchat!

After less than a week, I suddenly realized that they had stopped taking the dog for a walk after work. Hmmm..that doesn’t make sense… But they had found a solution: Take their walk after dark now! That (probably) avoided a lot of the “meet and chitchat.” But then the next obstacle showed up: Late spring. The dog can’t wait until dark when sunset isn’t until 9 PM or later…

Other than Oranges, most of us get home from work and stay home during the week. Since both Green neighbors deal with people, that nightly Green-time is really critical. But now I saw them pull out of their garage within an hour of getting home. Have you already figured out what their Plan C was?

Get the dog into the car inside the garage where nobody is watching. Then drive someplace where it’s “safer” to walk the dog without a lot of people around. Then drive back into the garage – close the garage door and get the dog back into the house incognido.

Kind of like a high Gold wanting everything neat and tidy getting a dog that sheds a lot or drools…or a black vehicle and now having “keep it clean” on a daily to-do list…