A Blue Running For Public Office

The negativity so prevalent in campaigns is the main reason most Blues won’t ever run for public office. Sure, once they’re elected they can do a lot of good and make a meaningful impact in their community, but the conflict of getting there, and the strong chance they’ll still get attacked once in office, makes it unlikely they’d choose that career path. And that’s sad and a loss for us all.

You’ll continue to see stories that women are incredibly valuable in politics, they’re more conciliatory, better mediators, less conflict-oriented, etc. When the stories say “women” you can likely read that as “Blues.” But it’s not going to happen. The last Blue U.S. president was Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) who was consistently criticized for his style as much as his policies and ideas. Yet, all these years later his presidency is viewed much more favorable…oh and he was the first to put solar panels on the roof of the White House…immediately taken down by his successor. (President Carter, at age 98, last week chose to end his hospital treatments and opted for hospice care at his home in Plains, Georgia).

And then I met a Blue man at a recent seminar that DID run for elected office – and won! He came up to me after the seminar to say share that with me. (I had mentioned Blues avoiding election conflict). I looked at his name tag and saw he was a Blue-Green. Not only a rare Blue male, but also second Color Green! I only had the chance to chat with him for a minute or two, but I’d bet his second Color Green saw everything that was wrong, that he wanted to fix, improve or implement, and that was the impetus to get his Blue to go through whatever it took to get into office. Something like: His second (Green) Color made the decision and “made” his primary Color do what it takes to get there.

What’s the conflict you sometimes have between your primary and second Color? Yes, you have them – we all do. What’ll it take to resolve it? But then…you first have to be aware of it, acknowledge it and want to fix it…