A Green Testing the Test?

When an Orange lady organized a Colors seminar for her team and friends, her very Green husband actually attended. When she introduced me, his first words to me (in lieu of hello or nice to meet you) were: Your assessment is pretty accurate…with a surprised sounding tone of voice. Thank you was my response, but it wasn’t just about the assessment. It turns out he’d spent hours on testing the test and different ways of validating it, in order to see if it was credible (the core value for Greens).

Or to translate that: I’m quite sure his Orange wife was super excited about doing the seminar and that he needed to come along. The more you push a Green, the less likely the odds that they’ll do something. I’m quite sure his impetus for testing the test started by wanting to “prove” to his wife that it was all wrong and THAT is why he wouldn’t attend…

His breakdown and explanation via email started with: Colors assessment by a “Green” to verify efficacy (noun: the ability to produce a desired or intended result…yes…I had to look that up, too…)

When he did the assessment, his scores were: 8 Blue, 20 Gold, 21 Orange and 31 Green

But that wasn’t enough for him. He then broke down each of the words in a score. A point value from 1 to 12 for each of the eight sets for a total score of 614. Does your head hurt yet, or are you thinking that that’s brilliant?

On that basis, his scores were: 52 Blue, 166 Gold, 163 Orange and 233 Green

That translated to a percentage of 8.6% Blue, 27% Gold, 26.5% Orange and 37.9% Green

I never did ask if that was the point where I had enough credibility for him to agree to attend the seminar…I was just happy (for his Orange wife) that he did attend.