A Question For Green Females

“Do some of you feel challenged getting dates”? That was a question posted on a Myers-Briggs site, translated here to Colors. “I hear often that many Green females struggle at this aspect due to not appearing like the feminine girly girl female many straight males prefer. Was wondering if you shared the same viewpoint”?

And here were some of the responses:

– I’ve never had a date in my whole life or even been asked by someone. I’m not that unfeminine appearance-wise, but I guess my stoic character isn’t particularly charming.

-In regards to your theory, those flashy types dont even catch my eye unless they’ve got the personality to back it up. Never wanted attention, nor do I like being with someone who purposely draws it. (68 likes!)

– I’m hard to date…and even harder to live with…

– ‘Getting dates’, the term makes me shudder.

– I consider myself pretty attractive but I would say that the problem is in my behaviour. Sarcasm is my middle name and I don’t have any problems saying what I really think instead of being just polite. Also in clubs, men hardly ever approach me and talk to me, but I actually don’t know why.

– Someone earlier mentioned being oblivious to flirting. That is me, plus I’ve been told I send of vibes that make me unapproachable and even my husband says I can seem intimidating. Not sure why, but that’s fine with me.

– Yes. Part of it could be that I’m “oblivious” though. I’m also apparently intimidating. I’ve worked with a lot of all-male units in the Army and when I was discussing my lack of relationship status with one of the guys he said, “Well I imagine men find you intimidating.” And this from a guy in Special Forces. (i.e. uber Alpha Male)

– I loathe chasing someone, I just don’t care enough. Also I feel like I’m annoying them because I would be annoyed if a stranger approached me.

– Sorry, have more important things to do than dating…