A Rare Blue In I.T.

Hi George. Really liked your Blues in HR story two months ago. I’m kind of the opposite: A Blue/Orange in a rather large IT department. Yes, it’s lonely, but I love it. My director knows Colors as I had him do the assessment and read the four Colors chapters after my first interview. Then I told him what Blue/Orange means in hiring me for his Green IT world.

My Orange CAN yell and not care about feelings in the moment. I get to do some of the social media stuff and love that. But an unwritten part of my job description is to be the people person in the department.

That ranges from teaching the Greens what inappropriate humor is, that their Green face isn’t going to be their best foot forward in dating, and that small talk isn’t really “small” but an investment in connecting with people…. It works. Not in the moment or that day…but once they’ve thought it through. My Orange really doesn’t want to “wait” that long, but my Blue knows I’m making a difference.