About Colors

Life changing training: For my team, in my recruiting, with my clients, and in our family.
– Beth York, Director, Usborne Books & More

Individuals always have the choice of where they work or in the choice of their specific job. Few, however, have the choice of whom they work with. One of the keys to working as an actual team is often described in terms of awareness and acceptance.

Awareness starts with understanding everyone’s differences, unique characteristics, values and motivations. This also includes their sense of humor, ways of learning and contributions to the team. Not to mention individual styles in how they actually do their job and so many other factors. Acceptance is definitely the harder part of the equation.

People tend to fight, or get their back up, over differences in others they work with. Most people are quite sure that others would fit in much better if they ‘just worked like me.’ If opposites tend to attract in relationships, that is not the case at work.

It is the difference in personality types that creates stress, disharmony and trouble in teams. Colors, time and again, is one of the most powerful tools to achieve understanding, harmony and teamwork.

The Blue Person

  • Does the company listen to me and my needs?
  • Will I have assistance for conflict and problem solving?
  • Is the boss someone who listens well and respects my feelings and those of others? Do I get to use my people skills with clients or staff or is the day all task-oriented?

The Green Person

  • Am I allowed sufficient independent work time?
  • How much of the day is re-active or pro-active?
  • Are procedures logical or bogged down with ‘stupid’ rules and set in stone?
  • Can I help teach others and keep learning, growing and asking questions?

The Gold Person

  • Will you trust me to do the job, let me control my agenda and don’t ride me?
  • Am I going to have a sense of belonging here?
  • Do you recognize staff for their contributions in fair and tangible ways?
  • Will I have clear & consistent instructions, expectations, rules and time-lines?

The Orange Person

  • I know ‘what’s in it for me’?
  • Are there enough challenges, problems to solve and variety?
  • Is it a ‘fun’ environment? Can I move around?
  • How hung up are you on rules and fixed procedures?
  • If I can handle 6 things at once, is there teamwork to help me ‘finish’?