Seminar Outline

The Basics of Colors : Practical and Effective Training

Colors is an entertaining and interactive seminar, strengthening teamwork and understanding which provides a language for expressing values. It’s powerful in discovering our preferences, strengths and stresses to create a measurable impact in communication and inter-personal relationships. For companies, it contributes in tangible ways to the culture of the office and the interaction of all staff and teams. It’s also an eye opening way to realize that our differences are not faults, but actually strengths on our team.

The Use of Colors Today:

The power of Colors is taught to more than half a million people each year. It is used as a significant tool for team building, fostering unity, staff retention, sales and marketing, communication, and so much more. From Fortune 500 companies to countless smaller firms, vast numbers of companies are discovering and utilizing the practical, every day applications and values for their teams. After all, training cannot be an event – but a process that has to stand the test of time.

How It Works:

The half-day seminars are interactive, fun, and incredibly informative, without any boring lectures. Participants quickly discover their unique blend of colors (personality types) and define each other’s strengths and stresses. Interactive exercises expand the understanding of one another, their boss’, teams, and clients. After all, we think, work, act and make decisions very differently. Your teams will easily absorb the material and often claim it was the ‘fastest’ three hours they’ve spent all year, with lessons for a lifetime!

So What’s Your Primary Color?

Are you friendly, caring, people oriented BLUE, stressed by lack of time to interact with others? Fun, action oriented, spontaneous ORANGE, with pressures to stay task oriented and organized? Maybe planning, curious and questioning GREEN, without the time to process, or the answers to many ‘why’ questions? Or the always on time, list making, loyal GOLD, stressed by too many things on the go at once, changes and not bringing tasks to a conclusion?

About The Facilitator:

Author and speaker, George Boelcke has over 25 years of real world experience in retail and finance. He is the only full-time Colors facilitator, hosting seminars throughout North America and into Europe, and is recognized as having one of the most extensive web-sites on personality types. In addition to many media appearances, George is also the author of a number of bestsellers, including: Colorful Personalities: Discover your personality type through the power of Colors, and books on Sales, Customers, Relationships, Leadership, Christians,
Parent/Child Dynamics, and Colors at Work.