Coming Soon: Book Sale # 100,000

Sometime in the next 90 days I’ll sell my 100,000th book. If it’s on my website or at a seminar (the only two places I get a name and full contact information on orders), I’ll refund the full order AND send you a $100 Visa gift card as a thanks. I might not remember the name of the person in a few years, but I’ll always remember the occasion.

Before you think of quitting your job and writing a book … I’ve written 18 and not just one. Over 24,300 copies have gone to the recycling depot in the last 15 years, the majority are the six Colors booklets at a net of around a buck, lots are ‘included’ with certain seminars, you’re absorbing most of the postage to get them shipped, tax is always included, you need to write a BIG check for the editing, layout, printing (in US$) and freight up front, and a lot more expenses…plus, there is one title with 8,000 copies sitting in a Wisconsin warehouse running up storage charges as I can’t or won’t admit to myself it won’t sell…

But reality check and (my Gold negativity) aside, I’m as excited as I am honored. If there’s a book inside you, and you promise not to quit your job for it, I’d be glad to help – just send me a note.