Do You Volunteer At Work?

Whether it’s a social committee at work, helping with a function, or planning a customer event, each Color has unique reasons for helping, and a focus on what to do, or how to do it:

Blues dream of the great event on a date where everyone can make it and nobody will be left out. Their primary focus is assuring everyone feels included, and will contribute a lot of creative ideas. During the planning, they will assure everyone is heard from, that nobody is cut off, and decisions are made by consensus. With their natural enthusiasm, this is an awesome opportunity to bond as a team, to get out of the office, or the chance to get together with friends and coworkers. We can do almost anything you want – as long as we do it together.

Golds want to get the job done first – then they can visit. Let’s make sure there is an agenda, and we stay on track and on task. Plan the work and work the plan. There needs to be a fair division of duties, benchmarks, and regular progress reports and updates. This is a serious project that they’ve been asked to take on. People will depend on the quality of their work and assuring that no details are left to chance. Besides, who else would think through the potential pitfalls, avoid overlapping responsibilities, and worry that the location needs to be booked way in advance. Of course it’ll be fun – just not right now while there’s work to be done.

Oranges tend to start the work from the opposite end: Let’s make sure it’s fun and not lame, and then we can work on the details…later. Better yet, there must be someone in the group who enjoys the mundane, tedious, structural, and boring parts of the event… As great networkers who know everyone, they will be able to line up the super cool D.J., or the likes. Food? Yes, there needs to be food. But you want me to deal with a menu this far in advance? That’s just weird… Oranges on the committee will do what they have committed to, but not on someone else’s timeline. They’re critical to any problem solving but prefer to get 100% committed the week prior and not a year out…

Greens want others to come prepared, and to discuss issues that really need to be handled. Everything else should just be a quick e-mail update, instead of needing to re-hash it all during a meeting. When jobs are assigned, they value someone who can just go get it done and won’t micro-manage anyone on the committee. Hey, we’re all adults here! They prefer to start with the big picture, and are happy to use the template from last year and improve on that. In meetings they’re more quiet, or quick to get to the point, and rather direct. Want to discuss the color of the table cloths six months out? Are you nuts?