Even Gold Kids Love the Deal

Even at age eight, it’s become obvious that the Gold person in our home is my son Jacob. Needless to say, understanding Colors has been a huge help to us!

Of course, Jacob is in charge of his little brother when it comes to playtime: Let’s play and here how, are the rules you need to follow. And the days following each big cleanup of his room aren’t for play because everything is so well organized and neat. Never mind that Jacob also has a toy rack with over 100 figurines. We first started buying them to play with. WRONG! They’re for display and viewing only, as we quickly learned!

Jacob also has a great head start on the Gold money and savings talents. A few months ago he went to school without any money for their garage sale. But he did have two crab claws from Red Lobster the previous night. To get some money, he approached one of his teachers and asked to borrow a dollar.

At the school garage sale he found a nice car wash toy that he thought his younger brother would like and the price was the dollar he had borrowed earlier. But when he got back to his class, one of his classmates saw the car wash toy and wanted it badly. So my son offered to sell it for $5, but settled for $4. 

With the $4 in hand, Jacob went back to the garage sale and found two little gifts for himself and his brother. And the best part – he got both for 50 cents! But the dealing wasn’t done yet: when a young girl in his class really wanted to buy one of his crab claws, Jacob saw another business opportunity and promptly sold one of the claws for $2. So with a smile on his face, $5.50 in his pocket and two toys in his backpack, Jacob walked home on top of the world and quite a bit richer. He did need a reminder to repay his teacher the $1 he borrowed. That’s m’boy!   TW