Gifts For Green Kids (And One For Everybody)

Depending on their age, you’ve probably already discovered that a high Green kid isn’t easy to buy for. But for younger ones, here are four great ideas to mull:

Magic Sand (Toys R Us): You can put all the water you want on it – the sand in this kit doesn’t get wet. So a mom called me and told me she got very confused. Her daughter was crying about this gift, but couldn’t leave it alone. Was her Green daughter turning “Blue?” No – they were tears of frustration that she couldn’t solve the mystery of this sand!

Tons of things from the Discovery store: This is kind of a no-brainer store, if you’ll excuse the pun – for a high Green. And yes – just like Green adults want the perfect present (and you probably don’t know what’s perfect for them) gift certificates are just fine, and they’re pretty much the only Color who doesn’t see a GC as impersonal at all, as long as it comes from the right store!

Ant Farm: The full meal deal with seaweed-based sugar, water and nutrients seems to be gone. However, the basic see-through one are $10 to $20 everywhere from Amazon (ant nest ant works farm) to Canadian Tire (Uncle Milton Ant Farm).

Books books books and then some more books: For Green kids, that’s a no brainer. However, I also believe that every Color kid learns to love reading or learns to dislike it! Since reading is way more impactful, valuable and longer lasting learning than screen time, a love of reading is one of the most powerful things you can instill in any kid at a very early age. Yes, I know just as many really young Blue and Orange kids that LOVE to read! But they’re not likely to want to read books that one of their parents might enjoy. Remember the analogy that Colors is like four different languages? In other words – the kind of books a Blue kid will enjoy are not going to be the ones a Green or Gold parent thinks they’d value!

If you want a list of what your kid would enjoy, press “reply” to the newsletter and I’ll send you a PDF list of Usborne Books/Kane Miller titles broken down by each of the four Colors for kids (roughly) 8 and under and teenagers. It was developed by over 500 senior Usborne reps at a Colors seminar and that makes it really accurate and comprehensive (7 titles for each of those 8 groups – some are series).

That’s four options, because you might not be as fortunate as a client from Florida. Her five-year old Green son sat her down to discuss Christmas presents. He had done his research and presented his Mom with an excel sheet: There are the presents I really want. I did the link for them and the price is on here. I know the first one is really expensive, but if you don’t get me that one, then I should be able to get the next TWO…and I can send it to you so you can just click the links and order them… Ahhh…he had even figured out his Mom is very high Orange… (Thanks for sharing N.W.)