Green and Blue – What to Do

Close in score (say around 5 points or less) Blue/Green or Green/Blue is a rare combination. Based on Myers Briggs, it’s about one in 700 people. So imagine my surprise when a recent seminar of around 40 people had five of them! Even if it’s not you, it’s important to understand someone on your team or in your family with that combination.

These people have a natural and very special gift of using their head and heart together to help and teach people, and to make a difference in the lives of others. They can be great listeners but also know when it’s time to step in and provide some ‘tough’ love. It’s double the value and the help they can give you.

Their Blue is very creative, but also have the knowledge (most times) to work  with computers and technology. The person that’s done most of my book covers is the same way: His Blue has the creative ideas and his Green uses really complex programs like Freehand, Corel, etc. to make the cover or poster actually come alive in the way he’s picturing it….so graphic arts is a magnet for this Colors combination. They not only make accurate intuitive decisions, but you can also logically think it through – there’s a time and a place for each.

They do often spend a ton of time in the rearview mirror! Their Green can re-evaluate decisions from years ago, and their Blue re-lives hurt feelings and wondering if they did enough, are good enough, and so on…One says stop being such a cold uncaring person and the other argues back that people should things out for themselves. Half of you wants to be kind and patient and the other half…..well…you know…

That’s quite hard on them – and it all happens internally – you never get to see it. But if you were to put a blood pressure monitor on them every few days you’d see their blood pressure spike when they’re in conflict and ‘fighting’ internally. In fact, one of my clients shared that he started to get heart palvitations! His doctor couldn’t find anything physical but he understood the reason about half way through the Colors seminar: It’s his Green/Blue battle!

Knowledge is power: If you’re a close Blue/Green or Green/Blue you need to be aware when you’re looking backwards and start to sabotage yourself. It also helps to think of your two Colors like a light switch. What’s the situation, meeting, client, work, etc. that needs you to ‘turn on’ your Green logic or your Blue heart? Then you can get better at not flipping back and forth with each thought or situation. I know, that’s easier said than done, but when  you’re aware what switch to turn on or off you’ll become better at it…but it’ll be a lifetime journey…