How Your Color Should Approach the New Year

For your Color, there are definitely some things you should consider for this coming year:

Blues: Let go of the guilt of not being perfect, and the constant wondering if you’ve done enough. You have – you’ve done your best, and that’s perfect enough. And while you’re letting go: Forgive others (as well as yourself) AND forget. You don’t need more of an explanation than that, do you? Make this a year you’ll take better care of yourself, before you take care of everyone else. Choose to not make that seem selfish, or make you feel guilty. You love self-development, and this is the big one for you! That’ll help make it a year of inner peace, giving from a full (rather than empty) cup, and lessen the need for a lot of the comfort food when chocolate becomes your best friend…

Greens: Even the most introverted people do need to get out of the house or their office more often – make this the year. Make a little more time for the people in your life. Appreciate their gifts, and tell them that you value and appreciate them – don’t just think it – that doesn’t help. Spend some of your thinking time on which of your behaviors can have a negative impact on people and resolve to change them (or at least dial them back), and start with being more cognizant of your Green face.

Oranges: You live in a world of ideas and action. When you feel stagnant, stop a minute and think of all the things you DO have happening as they’d make other Colors dizzy. As you’re charging head first into the New Year with 50 ideas and all the changes you want to see, remember that others don’t function at your speed. It can all happen, but not at the speed of Orange. Then decide if having a little more patience (even just counting to 10) is worth it, in order to make it all happen. Lastly, perhaps you can take a few days to wrap up some of the dozens of things you have on the go. It’ll give you the “room” to start new ideas and projects if you set a deadline for yourself to get x number of “last year things” that are semi-dead, half done, or almost done, out of your hair.

Golds: OK, take a deep breath and get into the moment more often. You’re constantly thinking about the next whatever and thus spend very little time in the “now.” Think back on everything, every day, that you DO accomplish, instead of the negativity of what still needs to be done. You’re extremely hard working, but be aware of some of the negative habits that impact your life around others. One would be to learn to not reply “yes, but…” to almost every new idea or change. Could you (that should read: would you, because you certainly can…) learn to love every new idea for at least a minute? And if that seems possible, could you also test-drive asking for help the odd time before you burn out or become stressed? YOU love to help others, why not remember that the other three Colors also love to help for their own Color reasons. News flash: It’s not a sign of weakness.