Hurray! Christmas Is Coming Soon

…unless you shop at Costco where Christmas started in August, or for Oranges for most of whom Christmas shopping doesn’t start until around December 23rd.

Blues so love the spirit of Christmas and just wish it would be within everyone all year long. And for Greens, the thinking process has started on the perfect presents – on line. Even in a card store, Greens will spend a lot of time finding the perfect card. It will be the perfect card…just not for other Colors…

It’s Golds, however, that need a special Christmas heads up: Year after year I hear from them at a seminar, or even on Facebook, with comment such as “Christmas flew by this year,” or “where did Christmas go?” Yup, this is the season of the never ending to do list. By the time Golds come up for air and allow themselves to actually relax it’s December 27th!

Do NOT allow yourself to have another Christmas like that. Do not make this another Christmas where all you do is worry, plan, clean, host and cook! And for the rest of the world: Be mindful of your Gold family and friends actually taking time for themselves, and to enjoy the real meaning and spirit of Christmas.

The 12 days of Christmas does not consist of: planning, shopping, cleaning, baking, organizing, wrapping, re-cleaning and scheduling. Besides, you’re so self-critical, it’ll never be perfect (in your eyes while everyone else thinks you did an incredible job). So give yourself permission to know that up front, and then relax and enjoy the season and spirit of Christmas more than the (almost) completed to-do list. This year, in words and deeds, love your family and the spirit of Christmas more than a clean house. One can last the rest of the month, one lasts an hour tops – your choice – your sanity…

May you, your family, and your team at work have a very merry Christmas. And I hope 2022 brings us all a world that is back on its axis and rotating again, and brings you everything you so richly deserve!

Merry Christmas!

George Boelcke, CCP