Moving With A Gold?

One of my neighbors just moved. I saw the moving company and their three staff in and out of the house for over six hours and just kept picturing the equivalent of a taxi meter running at a couple hundred bucks an hour.

It reminded me of my move three years ago that took less than four hours total. The three guys just kept shaking their heads and commenting how organized everything was. Yup. When it comes to moving, it pays to be Gold. The bill was just under $800, and I asked what my size move (2400 sq ft house) would normally cost? They guessed it should have been around $2,000 plus. Yes, every box was labeled for content and what room, the new house had a sticker on every door of what goes in what room, and the floor of each room had painters tape showing exactly where to put each piece of furniture and an x where boxes for each room were to be stacked.

Moving is really stressful for Golds. It’s the unknown, the chaos, the 400 details, the planning and…well…they (ok…we…) focus entirely on what can go wrong. Sure, it’s mostly internal and you don’t get to see it until something triggers an explosion. Almost 10% of people move every year and do so over eleven times in our life! If your partner is Gold, you aren’t, and you’re moving, you just need to do a few things:

1.. Go buy 10+ jumbo boxes for light and big stuff and 40 smaller boxes for heavy stuff like books, kitchen stuff, etc. Yes, you can get free pizza boxes and cut open weirdly shaped Costco ones, but don’t do it. When they’re the same two sizes, new and unmarked, all there and ready, it’ll lower the 30-day moving stress level in ways you can’t imagine or understand. They can be neatly stacked, look clean and new, and avoid at least two major arguments. Fifty bucks to buy a ton of happiness and get out of two major explosions is the best moving deal around – trust me on this!

2..You’re not the organizer or planner here – just the laborer! Stay out of the way unless you’ve been given a specific task. The best way to help is to ask if there’s one specific thing you can do – then do it.

3..Be fully present and follow your Gold partners’ instruction on moving/possession day – no questions asked, and don’t come up with new suggestions at the last minute. Moving day is not the time to re-invent the wheel by changing the how-to-do-everything list that’s been planned out for a month!

4..Get a van or truck and take care of all the non-boxable stuff like plants, pictures, guitar, lawnmower, hockey sticks, etc. You’ll be amazed how happy (and less stressed) your Gold partner will be just to deal with square boxes and furniture.

5..Heads up that you cannot go to bed moving night until at least the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room (plus kids room if you have any) are mostly put together – period.

That last point is the reason you want to get a moving company and not your buddies, if possible. They’ll want pizza and beer, which is certainly reasonable, while your Gold partner wants to get unpacking. If it has to be buddies, you need to ask them – it’s super hard for Golds to impose on people, or to ask for any help for any reason – and you should take them out and away for pizza – and leave your partner to keep working. Sounds wrong, but it’s so right.