The Blue Person

Love will keep us together.

Want: to appreciate the moment without analysis
Classic line: Winning isn’t everything – harmony is!
Biggest challenge: Don’t be afraid to state your needs and stand up for them

“I believe that my most important goal in life is to touch others and to contribute in making this a better world for us all. I am unique and authentic. I value my relationships and reach out to others through my warmth, compassion and caring. I am an idealist and quite intuitive. I look for unity and harmony and love teamwork. I value caring and sharing with others in order to help them realize their dreams and unlimited potential.”


Workplace Environment “I am most comfortable in a work environment that allows for personal interaction, individual creativity and expression. Work sites centered in discussion where supervisors and employees work together and share decision making build my self-confidence, giving me a chance to grow and work alongside other employees with whom I will form long-lasting relationships. I look forward to verbalizing proposals and the opportunity for social recognition. I am effective in getting people to work together and drawing out the best in others.”

What you see and hear from a Blue

What you see:

  • Makes good eye contact
  • Appears to listen attentively
  • May be animated
  • Facial expressions indicate warmth and friendliness
  • Dress is usually fashionable, soft fabrics and warm colors

What you hear:

  • Speaks with feeling in voice
  • Does not use threatening language
  • Ends sentences wtih a higher pitch
  • Checks before interrupting
  • Avoids conflict
  • Often repeats what is said (active listener)
  • Mellow and soothing voice tone
  • Often enthusiastic or animated voice tone
  • Uses frequent “I” statements
  • Words may be intimate
  • Will frequently apologize
  • May begin sentences with “I feel”