The Green Person

Let me think about it…

Want: to examine all experiences so they can be improved next time
Classic line: How can I tell you I love you when I don’t understand it?
Biggest challenge: Be ready, willing and able to give in for the good of a relationship even if it doesn’t make sense.

I believe in remaining calm, cool and collected in any situation. I value knowledge and learning and enjoy passing that knowledge onto others. I am intelligent and logical and can be a perfectionist. I am analytical and enjoy thinking things through. I want to explore all avenues in my inventive ways before committing myself or making a decision. I prefer to look at the big picture first and can constantly be counted on to provide logical answers.

Workplace Environment “I am most comfortable in a work environment which is unstructured and creative. I like time to sit by myself and think without noise or intrusion. I also like working with co-workers that model highly creative successful endeavors done by teams of scientists, engineers and technicians working together and challenging each other. I enjoy stimulating debates and discussions and value quality and accuracy. I like problem solving, exploration & innovation and look for recognition for my skills & accomplishments.”

What you see and hear from a Green

What you see:

  • Does not show emotion easily
  • Business like and serious in manner
  • May not appear casual or friendly
  • Acts in a more formal manner
  • Appearance may be more unconventional
  • Gestures from the head
  • May be more quiet and reserved in manner
  • Hand movements are used to explain or show

What you hear:

  • Asks many questions
  • May want to establish credibility of the speaker
  • Voice is modulated – does not communicate emotion
  • May not always respond immediately – needs time to think
  • Will respond negatively to incorrect information
  • Will act irritated if asked to rephrase
  • Uses sequential dialogue
  • May be brief and concise