The Orange Person

Where’s the action?

Want: to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment
Classic line: Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing!
Biggest challenge: Stick to your original specific agreements

“I believe that life is a game to be played to win with fun, variety, creativity and not too much planning or structure. I love competition and interacting with other people. I avoid boredom and routines at almost all cost. I’m a natural troubleshooter who doesn’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting involved hands-on. I greatly value my skills, freedom, courage and high energy level. I’m ready and able to act on a moment’s notice – just watch me!”


Workplace Environment “I am most comfortable in a workplace that is unstructured and challenging with opportunities for advancement. I like movement and high energy. I need freedom to move ahead and get things done. I like to make things happen and take risks! I can spot problems as they arise and I am good at negotiating agreements or plans of action. I thrive on a challenge and work well under stress and give direct and straight forward answers. I’m action oriented and like my freedom from too much control.”

What you see and hear from an Orange

What you see:

  • Active body movement
  • Attention-getting activity
  • Dramatic or flamboyant manner
  • Clothing with designer labels
  • Quick movement from one place to another
  • Visible facial expressions
  • Demonstration of confidence
  • Playful approach and sometimes practical jokes
  • Often points while speaking
  • Often appears exciting and active

What you hear:

  • Conversation will be fasted paced, brief and to the point
  • Excited voice tone
  • Varied pitch in voice
  • Enthusiastic expressions
  • Quickly moves from one topic to another
  • Slang
  • Unfinished sentences
  • Gets quickly to the point
  • Animated voice
  • May use first names of prominant individuals
  • Often reports involvement in many things
  • Playful speech
  • Often promotes ideas, products, activities
  • Laughter, stories