The Green Quiz (?)

OK, you can only read this if you have a sense of humor! High Greens REALLY want you to know this! See how many of these you agree with:

  • Your boss is a little scared of you
  • You don’t suffer fools at all – let alone gladly
  • You know the difference between “infer” and “imply”, “borrow” and “lend”, “median” and “meridian”
  • You chastise your co-workers when they say “how ironic” over something that isn’t truly ironic at all and your head explodes when they use the word “irregardless”
  • You stand behind your partner while he/she’s typing a letter and correct his/her spelling, punctuation and spacing
  • Your boss submits proposals and reports to YOU before sending them out to potential customers or management
  • You know the proper contexts for there/their/they’re, hear/here, you’re/your, peace/piece, and other simple homophones (not homonyms, like drive and drive, or homographs, like bow and bow) like these
  • You know the difference between a homonym, homograph, and homophone
  • You know the difference between the British and American way of spelling various words, e.g. colour/color, cheque/check, and make sure you consistently use one set of rules, unlike most people who have no idea which is which
  • You know how to spell “faux pas” and use it correctly in a sentence
  • You know when to use “you and I” (“we”) and “you and me” (“us”), unlike the people around you who believed the teacher that told them you must always use “you and I”
  • During most newscasts you catch at least two or three grammatical or sentence structure errors, or spelling mistakes on the bottom scroll and fight the urge to send the broadcaster an e-mail and really blast them

How many statements do you agree with?

Score of 9-12:             Congratulations, you’re high Green – see #1! But right now you’re asking yourself why everybody wouldn’t score 9-12 here…

Score of 6-8:               High Greens would concede you’ve got potential. Maybe one or two more night classes…

Score of 5 or less:       You might be a little “green deficient”. Or more than likely, you started skimming the list with your brain screaming “who cares”?