The Power of Colors: From a 16-Year Old Blue Teenager

“A friend of mine just lent me your book “Colorful Personalities” because we were having a conversation about bettering our communication. I would just like to say, wow! This book has truly changed my life. Not only do I have a better understanding of her and my communication styles and preferences, but as I was reading I could totally picture different people along the way and had a lot of “that is so them” moments.

I understand that the book was probably directed towards people of more mature ages, me being only 16. However, I couldn’t be more grateful for the read.

I’m not really big on “self help” books, so when she gave it to me I wasn’t entirely thrilled. I am so incredibly happy I decided to give it a read. So much psychology and so many new ideas in my head.

I’d just like to say thank you, for your ideas and for writing such a true masterpiece. I thought I had myself all figured out. I didn’t before, but I’m definitely closer now!” Sincerely, C.O. (Blue-Green)