The Three-Year Old Who Might Inspire Your New Years’ Resolution

My house backs onto a park and skating rink. I’ve seen this 3-year old a number of times. He falls down at least 50 times! But he always gets up. Sometimes he rested on the ice for a bit and sometimes dad would skate over and he could pull himself up on dads’ stick. But he always gets up.

For millions of us, including us self-employed, other peoples’ inconvenience in this pandemic is our nightmare. With no immediate return to any “normal,” millions of us have to keep getting up – have to keep positive – somehow – some way – for some time to come.

What’s the definition of “getting up?” That’s different for every person of every Color. Us Golds worry and think way too far ahead – and always default to the worst. Greens just keep most of their stress inside and bottled up. Oranges can wear the mask of “it’s all good,” but only for so long, while Blues are really hurting when any closeness in every relationship just isn’t possible right now.

If you’re like me, it seems impossible to get up 50 more times. But I’m pretty sure all of us can get up one more time – from one more setback – from one more bad week or day of bad news. And maybe one more time after that because it’s darkest just before dawn – if we keep the image of that little three-year old in my mind.