There’s Always A Blue to Make Things Better

In my experience United Airlines can make almost any flight into a nightmare. For high Oranges the stress is in the long lineups, run-around, missing luggage, mind-numbing delays and slow everything.

Golds hate the inconsistencies of rules and treatment, as well as flight delays and broken promises. It took me over 10-months and 16 letters to collect a $300 reimbursement from their no-service department. Did United think a Gold would just go away? Ask any high Gold for their list of companies they’re boycotting and why! You’d be surprised.

But sometimes there really are bright spots and special occasions which make no-fun, post 9/11 travel these days just a little nicer and more memorable. In my case, stuck with United again, it was a high Blue flight attendant. Yes, you could easily tell in 30 seconds or less: Smiling, an easy to sense “I care” attitude, loved his job, great eye contact, and open-ended questions. A touch on the shoulder, offering to hang up my jacket, “sorry to bother you” conversations, and special cookies. “But don’t tell anyone since I don’t have enough for everybody in economy.” Could his intuition tell I was having the trip from hell? I’ll never know…

It happens everywhere, but you have to watch for it! It’s a Blue somewhere, anywhere that’ll make a difference in your day! If you see something (like that) – say something (to the person.) Their special payday if to make a difference and help somebody. If they do it – TELL THEM. Sure, they may know it, but don’t we all love to hear a thank you? With a Blue, tell them you just made their day or turned it around!

Where’s the Green angle? How about the announcement from his partner when we landed: “Welcome to Kansas City. We will not begin deplaning until the cabin door has been opened.”