Understanding Blue Men

One of the smallest groups in the population, along with Green females, are Blue men. If you have a Blue male friend, treasure them, because they’re very rare and special. And if you’re married to one, remember that your husband will have a lot of female friends. Because the vast majority of females are Blue, they value talking honestly and openly to other Blues. If they don’t know Colors, they might not know why this male is so easy to talk to, but it’s simply because he’s Blue and listens with an open heart and mind, looks for the good in everyone, is very patient, and has an animated face and great active listening skills.

However, the world falsely believes men are supposed to be calm and cool, strong and tough and certainly not emotional. So what you will see from your Blue male friend is the mask of his second Color where he will “hide” until it is safe to let others see who he really is. The Gold second Color will be more of a business-like attitude, the Green will be more withdrawn and distant (and telling his Blue side a lot of negative stuff) or the Orange will hide behind humor as a defense mechanism. Blue men also spend a lifetime (before Colors) wondering what is “wrong” with them, as they’re just softer, kinder, more emotional, and have their feelings hurt easily.

How can you tell if someone in your circle of friends or at work is Blue? It’s difficult when it’s something they rarely tend to show. You have to watch the non-verbal clues and facial expressions (because they’re the hardest to hide). Is the person way more patient than most people? Does he have a really animated face and very active listening style? Does he ask a lot of people-related questions? Will he remember something personal you shared a few weeks ago and follow-up? (ie: Is your daughter feeling better from a few weeks ago?) Will he back-down from most confrontations? Does he say ‘sorry about that’ a lot even when it’s not his doing in order to keep the peace? Would he rather talk to you face to face or by phone than email?

Those are eight pretty good clues. But the question is how you’ll behave and talk the ‘language’ of Blues once you figure out someone is ‘high’ Blue (first or second Color)!