What You E-mail Vs. What You’re Thinking?

Since emails have a lifespan of forever, what Golds and Greens email isn’t always what they’re thinking in frustration. If either is your second Color, you’ve probably sent some of these coded phrases as well. Out of these 10, how many are you “guilty” of?

When you get a chance… Translation: DO THIS NOW

Hope this helps… Translation: please just stop bothering me

It’s been brought to my attention… Translation: You messed up – big time!

Sorry for being unclear… Translation: No, I wasn’t. There’s no chance you actually read what I wrote. Please pay more attention and read before pressing “reply.”

Moving forward… Translation: Stop wasting my time and let this go already

Let me clarify… Translation: You completely misunderstood my last email

I see your point… Translation: You can express your view, but I don’t care!

Thanks in advance… Translation: Look – I’m already thanking you for doing this for me, even though you haven’t agreed. So now you have to do it.

Per my last email… Translation: Go back and re-read the whole thing so you don’t need to ask this stupid question.

Kind regards… Translation: Well, you can decipher that pretty easily yourself…