What’s Next Vs. What’s Now

Golds typically don’t live in “this” moment, they live in the next moment – the next thing on their to-do list. As a result, details, etc. can be missed in a drive to get something done and behind them and onto the next thing.

It’s a real battle for many Gold/Greens or Green/Golds: They want it perfect but won’t make the time for it, because their Gold is super cognizant of getting it done and moving on. Which Color wins out flips all the time and can depend on the project, need for perfection, or who will see the email, report, or results.

Forgetting an email attachment is a perfect example. The Gold brain, even before pressing send is already thinking of the next thing that needs to get done (and having a mini party in their head that “this” is now done). As a Gold, it’s happens to me more often than I care to admit: Hurray I’m done – crap: you forgot something…

Slowing down is speeding up. Oranges can learn from that, just as much as Golds in assuring that THIS thing on our to do list is fully and completely done. When Golds get more into “this” moment, it’ll reduce the chance that something will re-appear on the to-do list (big Gold stressor), or create embarrassment in having forgotten something (another big internal stressor).

Any Blue will tell you that often, when they’re talking to a Gold, they have this feeling the Gold person is there in front of them…but not really there. The “thinking ahead” process happens dozens of times a day! OK, what’s next, did you put the grocery list in the car for later, what can I prep for the next patient, oh boy – if she wants that done, there goes my Friday morning plan…

When it become a stress or a problem for any Golds, or starts to impact customers, patients, or others on a team, read the book The Checklist Manifesto by Aru Gawande. It will give every Gold some powerful tools to re-train themselves to get more “into the moment.” After all: knowledge is power and we can’t change what we do not know or acknowledge.