10 Questions For 10 Bucks

When a neighbors’ 13-year old started asking me about Colors, I told him that it’s a lot more powerful if he finds out for himself. I gave him a copy of the Colorful Personalities book and the 10 questions below. The deal was to read the four chapters, and I would verbally ask him the 10 questions with a buck for each answer that I thought was good, accurate, or showed he’d understood a bit of that Colors chapter.

It’ll work for even younger Green kids, and for older kids with a bit more money (sorry…inflation and motivational issues…) But good news: You don’t need to be an expert or send it to me for grading. You’re starting a conversation and your son, daughter or other relative will do the talking! You’re just asking things like: What makes you think that, give me an example of when he or she did something that obviously fits that Color, etc.

Feel free to print this (but take out the 3 notes) and use it:

READ: The 4 chapters in the front are our Colors – our four personality types: Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange

The 10 questions for 10 bucks are only from those four chapters on pages 23-97. They DO NOT have right or wrong answers. Why? Because we’re people and not math equations and we are all unique. However, we do have a lot in common with a lot of other people.

This is NOT a written quiz – but a heads up that these are the 10 questions I’m going to ask you about:

-what are your Mom’s first TWO Colors – don’t bother asking her because you need to give me 2 reasons for EACH of her first 2 Colors – why does that make her so special?

-is your Dad more of a Blue person or more of a Green person? How do you know – what’s the difference that makes it easy to tell? (Note: Just change this to Gold vs. Orange if that’s more appropriate in your family)

-your Colors: The quiz won’t work at your age. When you read the 4 chapters, put them in order for yourself:            ____I like the most ______I fit the least and in between I’m more _______ then _______  Hint: If you just read the short italicized paragraph at the start of each chapter (the one that starts with: I believe…) you can sort “your” four Colors in order just from that.

-imagine 4 new kids showing up in your class. A Gold, a Green, a Blue, and an Orange. Which one would make a great friend if you know nothing else? (Oh, and sorry: There’s almost no chance you’ll get this right).  (Note: It’s every one – just for different reasons)

-what’s the first (primary) Color of one of your teachers? What makes you think that?

-at church, which Color is most likely to volunteer to be greeters _____  in bible study _____ leading a youth group _____  volunteer in the nursery ______ want to work in the office ______ (Note: you can change this to a sports team, youth group or whatever he or she is involved in)

-what are 2 BIG differences between a Gold person and an Orange person? Is that good or bad & why?

-what are 2 BIG differences between a Green person and a Blue person? Is that good or bad & why?

-who in your class is definitely an Orange person? Tell me how you’d know that…

-who in your class is definitely a Green person? Tell me how you’d know that…