Colors and Money Series: Orange$ (Part 3 of 4)

In this four-part series, we’ll go through some common and basic insights into each Colors’ typical view of money – both the spending and investing parts. Do remember that we’re not only one Color: We’re a combination of all four that can shape and impact our actions, strengths and stresses, as well as our behavior with money!

SHOW ME THE MONEY! That’s not just an epic line from the movie Jerry Maguire, but kind of a mantra for many Oranges. Work hard and get rewarded for it – then play hard. Small wonder lots of Oranges are drawn to careers that involve some kind of bonus, extra money, tips or commissions. No, they’re not financially irresponsible – they just want to win and they’re prepared to work crazy hours and do whatever it takes to achieve what they want: Win the clients’ business, the biggest tip of the night, the success in getting the department turned around, the bonus, the…whatever. Then the money they’ve earned working their butts off is used for the play-hard part of life: trips, adventures and toys – and whoever has the most toys wins. That’s easier when they can earn “more.” That’s also the motivation and reason they’re the largest group of entrepreneurs.

While large debts and credit card balances can be really depressing for others, they’re often motivators for Oranges. They have no problem taking full responsibility and ownership – good or bad. OK, big holiday ideas for summer, so gonna get that card balance paid off…NOW – whatever it takes. And never bet against an Orange that’s focused on any short-term goal. Saving for retirement in 30 years? Yea…not so much…LMK when it’s 2052…that’ll give me two years…but finding the money for next months’ holiday – not a problem…

For a Color that typically hates shopping, they can spend a lot of money. It’s not the trips to the mall, finding a parking spot, wandering aimlessly from store to store, price comparisons (yuk!), crowds, and a half-day wasted. No thanks. It’s likely more of a big online order or a one-stop trip. Yes, even an Orange can lose their mind at Costco or Price Club. There is a Kramer (Seinfeld) clip (although I’m quite sure Kramer has no idea what “a staple” is…(youtube search for Kramer goes to Price Club).

I also can’t count the number of times an Orange shared that they went to a car dealer at lunch just to look…honestly…just going to look…and came back to work with a new vehicle. That can be trouble when they’re in a relationship. However, Oranges are blessed with the gift of thinking on their feet: Are those new shoes and a new outfit? No, I’ve had them “for a while…” which means your partner bought them two days ago. It’s not a lie – just an argument-avoidance phrase. Or the: Honey, I bought this hat and it came with a FREE motorcycle!

If you’re an Orange in relationships with a Gold or Green you have someone that pays the bills and watches the money (no, he or she is not your prison guard…). But if it’s a fellow Orange or maybe a Blue, you’ll need to implement a one-time financial strategy: Have a fixed amount taken right off your check if you have company savings accounts, or taken out of your account within minutes of your payroll deposit. You can’t spend what you don’t see or have. It’ll make you wildly successful with money that’s saved and growing, and that you never touch! For the benefit of both of you!

Oranges will save and invest. Most may be spenders, but they’re not irresponsible: What’s in it for me, give me the big picture of why, YOU do all the paperwork, let’s do it up right now – don’t leave without having it set up, convince me and I’ll find the money… Anything along the lines of owning a home (in five years you’ll have about $20k in extra equity and $25k in principal payments), lock in the investment NOW at these rates, start automatic bank withdrawals each pay period so you’re paying yourself first types of “forced” savings work well for any Orange. Those (and others) create financial freedom and that’s a phrase almost every Orange will connect with.

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