Can An Orange Run Out of Energy?

That was a question from a general manager as he was driving me back to the airport after a seminar…and a long day for him. His entire work is putting out fires, multi-tasking, being the face of his business, and needing to be ‘on’ with clients and project managers in other countries.

It doesn’t stop there. When he gets home, he has three young kids that want to play and play hard. In other words, there’s no downtime or chance to recharge – ever. Sure, Oranges have an energy level that most others can’t match. Even Oranges can’t go 24 hours a day for years.

There aren’t any easy answers for him, or for any Orange in this situation. The best hope is that the kids’ bedtime is early enough where there are a few hours of doing…well – nothing. Unfortunately, Oranges are rarely morning people where they could also create a few hours of non-sleeping recharge time before the kids wake up.

The only other way is to stay at work after everyone else is gone, find a way to go to the gym, or go for a run before going home. That, however, will take a partner who understands Colors and who is OK with a few hours of ‘hiding’ each day.

If you’re in a very Orange position (this also applies to Blues) at work and have young kids at home, how do you do it?