Define Honesty

Each Color has their own own set of values and definitions. After all, they are looking at life through their unique set of glasses. As a result, our primary Color judges whether (in our view and definition) someone is organized, honest, caring or a host of other qualities. But it’s a good bet that we’re wrong. Why? Because we use OUR definition on another persons’ Colors!

Here is just one example of a value that probably every person finds important. However, what happens (or how to we judge it) when another Color applies a very different meaning? At best it creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in their definitions. and the interactions between Colors at work and in relationships.

These definitions or interpretations come directly from people of each Color group: Define honesty:

Green: In what circumstances – what is the context – answer with the best information available -factual – never lie – straight-forward – the truth – direct – to the point – striving to be the best

Gold: The Webster’s definition: not cheating anyone – trustworthy – correct – right/wrong and black or white – yes or no without middle ground or fudging – integrity – won’t rip you off

Blue: Respect – how you really feel – genuine – authentic – in a loving and caring way while being supportive – from the heart – helpful without hurting feelings

Orange: Straight out – tell it like it is – blunt answer – today’s information gets today’s answer – could be different tomorrow with better information – just say it – depends on situation and how I feel – the cold hard facts