Goal Setting: Aim High Or Make it Realistic?

I don’t know a single person at our local Food Bank, but I do know Colors and Gold goal setting.

Last year, their goal at a huge ethnic food festival that gets over a quarter million visitors was 50,000 pounds of food donations. I’m guessing it’s a huge part of their annual goal, even though it’s pretty passive in just tagging along with the festival. The prior year their actual donation total was 60,000 pounds. Both of those numbers were mentioned in newscasts a number of times. WHAT? Actual donations of 60,000 pounds made them set the next years’ goal DOWN to 50,000?

Ah, the downside to Golds doing goal setting. Their most important consideration is to achieve a goal. Keeping their word and coming through on a promise is an integral part of the Gold personality. But it’s the worst idea for fundraising or setting sales goals and the likes. Realistic and “guaranteed achievable” is often the worst idea. But Golds don’t differentiate between goal setting and a promise to ‘be there at 11 am’ or ‘going to lose 5 pounds’ type of goals.

Of course the Food Bank achieved their goal (ahhh..what a relief to Golds), but what a huge disappointment (if others only knew) of what they COULD have done! They should have made it at least 75,000 pounds KNOWING they’d be way short. THAT would have been a great story to tell and to get a ton of free SOS & sympathy publicity after the event! Plus, any “emergency” or urgency gets results. Even just an appeal to “text this number to donate $5” to get “help the Food Bank get caught up” on being short of their goal.

From fundraisers to boards, building a team to client projects, every Color has a very different perspective on pretty much everything. You just need to make sure that the right people and Colors are in the right areas. From my outsider perspective, this is one of those times when a charity missed out on around 25,000 pounds of food donations and $100,000 cash.