How to Deal With Your Boss

Connecting with any boss, or having conflict with another manager, very much relates to their Colors (and yours). As we’ve covered previously, Golds respect authority and the chain of command. That is why often questions or requests come through the proper chain of command. In meetings, it is important to acknowledge the value of their questions but not to get into too much of a discussion. Get back to them with the facts and research, as promised and when you promised. But a debate to prove your point often creates a mindset of insubordination.

On the other hand, a Green boss is probing and questioning to test your research and your credibility. Backing down from giving the facts and background can have them questioning the entire presentation and loses credibility quickly. Avoiding or evading is like a shark sensing blood in the water. Greens may keep digging and asking more and more to see what else is incorrect, missing, being bluffed through, or avoided. Greens don’t place much emphasis on titles or positions. It’s not about your title, it’s about your credibility! Besides, while they’re asking questions, they may learn something and that builds credibility.

Oranges are rather direct and impatient to make something happen. Going through two other people to get an answer? Not going to happen. They will pick up the phone or walk down the hall and get it directly from the person.

I’ll get back to you? No way. Tell me now, make it brief, be bright and be done with it. Otherwise, Oranges either have to write down all their follow-up questions (paperwork – yikes!) or it may slip their minds as other priorities take over.