If We Just Understand Each Other (and Ourselves)

Hey George, I want to sincerely thank you for writing the Colorful Personalities book. This is the most useful tool that I have come across yet besides Crucial Conversations. For the first time in my life I feel NORMAL. I am a  strong Green female (28)and the rest of the Colors are fairly evenly divided. I had my partner read the Green chapter so he could better understand me. When I colored him I realized he is Blue/Orange. This has also helped me immensely in realizing what he was about.

I never  understood why he would seem  defensive when we discussed problems and he didn’t like my direct and non-emotional feedback. Now I realize he just needs me to listen. He also realized from reading the Green chapter where I was coming from and how my downtime has nothing to do with me wanting to be away from him.

It’s something I desperately need. He also now knows that pressuring me for an immediate answer, it will be no.  I honestly believe this will help in any and every relationship. Now, when I look at people, I’m seeing Colors and not judgments. I will be recommending your books to everyone. You’ve given me a valuable tool to use, and I will refer to it often when I am puzzled by someone’s behavior.