My Daughter Isn’t Blue?

…Your Colors book was such a great help. It sure gives us some areas that we can work on with my Orange son, who is a handful at the best of times. I’ll be attending the school next week to speak to his new teacher and bring up some of the things we found out about him.

Then I got a good understanding of what I thought was my Blue daughter. But the Blue daughter, I have to tell you— she’s high Green!

How can an Orange and a Blue produce a Green? It all fell in place when I started reading the book. Her frustration at not getting everything right isn’t her being emotional; it’s her having to have everything right and figured out! Wanting her space and to be left alone so much was crushing my big Blue heart, but she really wasn’t mad at me, she is just Green!

Her quest for knowledge and constant questions used to drive me NUTS. Now I’m trying to help her find answers. The book even gave me some great ideas for toys if you can believe it. I always thought it was strange that the dolls, the Barbies, and all the girl stuff just wasn’t her style. But she has this kit which comes with a container and colored sand. Water is put in the container, then the sand and you sculpt the sand. This sand never gets wet and she won’t put it away! None of us can figure out why the sand stays dry, and it is driving her nuts, but she keeps playing with it.

So there is much more harmony in the house, the kids are starting to use some Color language and I’m trying little things to bring up all of our Gold as everyone in the house has last color Gold— what a family. And it’s all because of Colors! D.N.