Oranges and Golds: Hurry Up!

Amongst many others, one of the traits Golds and Oranges share is a strong impatience streak. Golds want “this” to be done, finished, answered, dealt with, or completed so they can get on with the next thing on their to-do list. Oranges are impatient with any delay or lineup, and want “this” to be done so they can go on to something else – anything else…

However, that impatience can also be trouble for both Colors, and in many situations, and with many people. In a lineup, Golds are stuck. After all, they can’t just leave, or whatever they’re lining up for will still be on the to-do list.

Oranges at least avoid lineups whenever possible. They’re the main reason billions of dollars worth of merchandise is left at cash registers every year, as Oranges bail. Unfortunately, most retailers don’t know what it takes to give effective customer service to both groups, or they’d make a whole lot more sales, and retain a ton more customers.

When impatience is internal, it’s often a drive to get something done, which can certainly be a motivator. When their impatience involves people, it’s a little more serious and has a measurable impact on others.

For EVERY Color: While I don’t often click links, this one was different. It was posted by a friend whose Pastor showed it in their church recently. It’s four minutes, and well worth watching.

It may get you (OK….me…) close to tears, but it’ll also make you a lot more cognizant of your impatience streak.