Social Media and Colors

While it can seem that the entire planet is on social media, you might be able to get a pretty good feel for someone’s Colors by what they post, like, or comment on.

But for this story, I’ll let you figure out what Colors might be posting (or not posting) what content on your Facebook page:

-Posts at least two check-ins a day…some at hotels or resorts where there’s no chance they’re actually staying at, because the room-rate would roughly equal their annual income…

-Re-posts a lot of sarcastic pictures that capture their frustration with general manking without having to say it outright.

-Gets tagged in a lot of drunk unicycling photos that give their relatives anxiety.

-Invites you to play Candy Crush several times a day despite the fact you haven’t seen them IRL (in real life) for years.

-Profile picture is a professional headshot…just in case potential employers are looking.

-Faithfully ‘likes’ any status you post without any interactions because they have your back.

-Takes & posts more selfies in a day than you’ve ever taken in your entire life.

-Enthusiastically changes their relationship status/location/career path every two or three months and somehow gets hundreds of likes from it every time.

-Posts a lot of statuses along the lines of ‘ugh so done with this,’ in hopes you’ll ask them what they’re so done with…

-Argues with Blue’s humanitarian posts, just for the heck of it…

-Hasn’t posted anything for a year, but you suspect that they are always watching because there’ll be an occasional ‘like’…